Joseph Shieh, President and CEO, presides over operations with ambition and passion while continuing to raise the benchmark. He holds a Masters in Real Estate Development and is a licensed Class A General Contractor in Virginia and Florida. His affiliation with national and privately held homebuilding companies, and running several firms, has enabled him to practice and hone industry expertise over a three-decade career. The organization focuses on collaboration, open communication, respect and commitment relating to staff, trade partners, and industry professionals.

His ability to harness the talent, discipline and mutual cooperation from hardworking tradesmen and vendors create the optimal construction team. Working together closely while nurturing the skills and craftsmanship of this select team translate into seamless construction management and ultra high quality standards. Utilizing the latest in software technology and technical advances lead to highly efficient programming of scheduling, field coordination and cost controls.

Design is the crucial component emphasized serving as the hallmark for translating form and function of a space. It is visual, sensory and surreal, feelings inside the mind and body when entering a place that connotes beauty, comfort, and pleasure. This building criterion is carefully studied, thoroughly evaluated and continually refined until the essence of great space has been distilled. The collaborative work between the Principal and his architectural team result in some unbelievable spaces. Material specifications is vital in executing at this level, and require prodigious material research and sourcing. Highly proficient in the field of procurement, this innate talent allows him to select the best of the best and contributes significantly to the livability and super high aesthetic unveiled in every unit.

Construction is the culmination of the aforementioned, and execution is critical in order to maximize the final product. It is essential to have talented craftsmen that take pride in their efforts and work, and work collaboratively with other trades and field management. It takes time to understand the inner workings of an ever-changing workforce, and know how to recruit like-minded companies that want to perform at the highest level.

Financing any real estate project takes resources to bring it to fruition. The underlying strength and longevity of any real estate developer is attributable to successfully securing capital. The Principal must demonstrate a solid background in development, possess keen knowledge and expertise, and produce winning projects that cultivate confidence and credibility. Working closely with the foremost lending institutions has contributed strength, stability, and vitality to UrbanVibe Residential. The distinct knowledge of the local market, unique, ultra high-end product, and shared belief that the urban centers will flourish, has forged dynamic and lasting partnerships bringing the best residences to the metropolitan Washington, DC region.