Shaped by over 31 years of industry experience and generating $129M+ in revenue, the depth of knowledge and expertise exhibited by UrbanVibe result in sophisticated residential designs that exude a profound dedication to superior construction and unrivaled level of finish. The impressive portfolio showcases luxurious condos, traditional townhomes, and sleek, contemporary condos with proven success in developments throughout Fairfax, Alexandria, Arlington and DC.

Its  prime DC location minutes from the White House provides outstanding access for the growing number of condominium projects in DC. The growing collection of urban residences appeals to a broad contingent of buyers here in the United States and those coming from Europe and Asia. The wealth of universities, embassies, government agencies and businesses signify the market demand for rare apartments meticulously crafted by UrbanVibe.

The company demonstrates its ability to identify neighborhoods that have not yet reached its greatest value proposition, and elevate them to unprecedented levels. Understanding that current inventory do not exhibit superior aesthetic and design language, the niche product line was born that represent the height of beauty and refinement. Paying close attention to minute details elevate the stylized condominiums to a realm atypical of mainstream inventory. It is challenging to incorporate clean lines and simplicity, but dedication and persistence reveal that sophisticated design is worth the effort.

Locating the right opportunity is the beginning of any successful real estate venture. The existence of myriad inventory in various sectors of the city may appear overwhelming. However, the rigorous and highly selective process of identifying the most desirable property in DC is fundamental to the organization’s rapid ascent. A keen eye, coupled with a regimented approach on acquiring properties, distinguish UrbanVibe from the rest.

Gaining approvals to transform historic property requires time, patience and understanding. Open dialogue with community boards, neighborhood associations, local government agencies and individuals create a collaborative eort in providing what people want in the built environment. Strategic alliances and shared goals are the building blocks of a working partnership leading to superior real estate development and that is where UrbanVibe excels.

The delineating DNA that transcends UrbanVibe from its competition is experience, knowledge, education and limitless passion of its founder. The company culture extols the importance of cooperation, reliability, trust, and respect with each individual that comes across its path. This approach builds upon the premise that we value and appreciate the contributions and support from all our trusted alliances.